Walking Arts

Clare Qualmann's performing the city
the image shows a yellow sign attached to a lamppost in an urban environment. The sign reads "to the start" with an arrow pointing forwards.

This strand of the project aims to capture how artists have used walking as part of their work during COVID-19, whether as a familiar resource or a new opportunity.

We are keen to understand how artists have adapted their work to the context of COVID-19, and how walking has been used.

Our Artists’ Survey aims to provide us with data about the range of activities generated and the different approaches taken. We want to identify and share the expertise, creativity and innovation of artists and will create an Online Gallery to showcase this work. 

We are interested in addressing the following questions: 

1. How and with what impact have artists used, adapted and evolved walking as a creative tool in response to COVID-19 restrictions?  

2. How can learning from their expertise and innovations be applied more widely to support more people to walk well, in and out of a pandemic?